Jenn Falk, author/teacher of Lunar Love Flow, shares an overview of her Moon practice. Learn some basic points about embodiment with the Moon and how to use the Moon is my Calendar journal in your practice.

Jenn shares her background in her movement and yoga practice and how she came to connect with the moon and develop her approach to Lunar Love Flow. This involves checking-in with the current sun sign, moon phase, your current mood and physical awareness.

When you focus on the body during the moon signs in your movement or yoga practice you can bring attention to each part of the body through the lunar cycle. In a way this ensures you are covering all the bases :)

Each zodiac sign relates to a body region - this comes from the Middle Ages as depicted in the drawing below. Start at the head and move to the feet in sequence of the signs. Look at the drawing below and write in the part of the body that corresponds to the sign. If it’s not clear and you are interested, do some googling and see what you find.

  1. Ram / Aries = ______head_____

  2. Bull / Taurus = ________________

  3. Twins / Gemini = ________________

  4. Crab / Cancer = ________________

  5. Lion / Leo = ________________

  6. Priestess / Virgo = ________________

  7. Scales / Libra = ________________

  8. Scorpion / Scorpio = ________________

  9. Archer / Sagittarius = ________________

  10. Sea Goat / Capricorn = ________________

  11. Water Bearer / Aquarius = ________________

  12. Fishes / Pisces = _____feet _______

You will be receiving a copy of Lunar Love Flow in the mail, and if you want a peek - here is a link to Jenn’s book: Lunar Love Flow

References: Luna Yoga, The Body and the Stars

Jenn’s website: Yogini Jenn Falk and Instagram @jennpfalk

Now it’s your turn: What part of the body does your sun sign rule? What part of your body does the moon sign rule? What is your relationship to those parts of your body?

What sparked your interest, how can you incorporate this into your practice? Share your ideas and questions in the comments below…