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Moonology 101

Notice where you are at in your journey with the moon and astrology. Notice your intentions for learning more about it.

It can be a great tool for self-discovery and actualization.

If you haven't already, you can get a free birth chart from here

Download the PDF guide for Moonology: Ways of Working with the Moon


I'm excited to share this video gives a walk through of how to determine your rising sign and which sign rules each house of an astrological chart. When I first started being curious about astrology it was like learning a new language with a whole new alphabet and layers of meaning.

This video was recorded earlier this year for Lunar Radiance and so refers to an eclipse from that time. I hope this helps orient you to some of the basics and strengthens your foundation! If at any point you feel overwhelmed, allow it to wash over you and come up for air. You'll get more opportunities to layer the meaning. 

Start to develop a relationship with the glyphs of each astrological sign. Each sign belongs to a elemental family: Fire, Earth, Air, Water as well as a modality: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable.

We will go more in-depth as the Facilitator Training progresses.

astrological signs and glyphs