Welcome to the January Circle

Thank you for being a part of this lunar sisterhood. It's a amazing to share the creative process and what comes up and through when we sit down and bring our intentions to life on paper. This call and gathering was an opportunity to share what we are learning so far in the process.

You are welcome to share your reflections with me or in the Facebook group HERE if you were unable to make the call. 


January VIdeo CALL

This call was recorded on January 19th  

So glad you are here! Before we begin, I invite you to tune-in to your intention for joining this circle.

How can you make it sustainable? Take a breath and read on ...

DEVOTION works differently than discipline. It's tender and joyful. Discipline has a tendency to be strict or punitive. Be aware if you feel like you are forcing yourself to do something.

The shift happens when you go from feeling like you 'should' do something, to connecting with the longing of why it is essential for your wellbeing.

Practices like meditation or creative practices that have positive effects on the mindbodyspirit can be maintained over time by connecting to this essence and your intention. How does devotion show up in your life? What ways can you bring it to your moon mandala creative practice?