Lunar Radiance begins with you...!

How do you reflect and share your light? This program is designed for women who want to elevate their connection with the moon and their intentions for personal growth and transformation. We will explore the inner and outer seasons and the seed cycle as it relates to how you make room for nourishment and creative practices in your life.

Spring 2018 course is full and currently in session - enrollment will re-open in Fall 2018.


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Each module contains: an Inspiration, Invitation and Initiation. There will be video posts, written material and resource links. The intention is to bring more pleasure and focus into how we schedule our days to be aligned with how we want to feel!

We will use this container of time as a sort of Moon Lab where you begin to discover how the lunar phases effect you personally and how you relate to which house the moon is traveling through in your chart. You are the authority of your experience and I am here to support and guide you along the way. Space is limited to 13 women, and when you sign-up you will receive the bonus of two 1:1 sessions. 


Program Overview - From Seeds to Fruition



This is a time for you to gather your tools and get clear on what is asking to be transformed. Where do you stand right now? Create breathing room, align with your intentions, get to the root of what you are longing for, design a seasons map to monitor energetic flow. A lot can happen in four lunar cycles and it is important to be grounded before setting sail!




SEED Cycle - spark



SPROUT & FLOWER Cycle - Sustain







Each theme will be explored in-depth so that you deepen your relationship with how you align with lunar time and your creative flow. Although a cycle never truly begins or ends, we will bring closure to our experience together by integrating the wisdom that has been awakened. Life is a constant process of renewal and you can keep returning to the tools we will be working with in Lunar Radiance as a reminder of your inner knowing. 

How it works...

Lunar Radiance is designed to be self-study and collaborative! This means that you get to work through the material at your own pace and check-in during our live training calls each lunar cycle.

Each lunar cycle you will receive:

Inspiration - 1-3 videos and audios about the theme and ways to apply it to your life and intentions

Invitations - A PDF with prompts and inquiries to explore each theme

Initiation - guided practices to integrate each of the teachings so that it becomes part of your daily life

Live calls after the Full Moon to gather and share teachings based on each theme and bring in tailored content to support your intentions 



Access to the Moon Mandala Circle for the entire year! $187 value

Two 1:1 Coaching sessions so you can have clarity and accountability for your intentions! $219 value

(for the first 13 women who register)

Private Facebook group for ongoing support and Q&As for everyone in Lunar Radiance


If the Lunar Radiance journey is calling to you, take the leap and invest in your relationship with your creative energetic flow. If you still have questions, feel free to email me at

Enrollment will re-open in Fall 2018.



When you enroll, you will receive a book guide for the first recommended book, The Creative Fire, so that you can start to go deeper with the material. This is a part of the Moon Mandala Circle material on creative cycles. I have chosen the three books below because I believe they will be of great service to your journey with this course. You may wish to purchase them (click on the images for Amazon link) or download the Audible book or check-out from the library. They are recommended but not required.


Lunar Radiance invites you to learn about what to honor at each phase of the lunar cycle and your personal cycles. This can help you tune-in to the energetics of the inner and outer seasons and notice how these show up at different times of your life. Like a seed, the moon also holds the potential for growth and expansion. As it grows, the moon becomes brighter and more full, until for a moment it is completely illuminated, then begins a return to darkness. The end is also the beginning.  

Praise for April's teaching and THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR

You gave me a whole new way of looking at the phases of the moon, which I would have never connected to my inner life.
— Dana
The videos you sent out to the group were so helpful, I appreciate the truths you share!
— Lisa
 I will never look at the moon the same way again! You have deepened my appreciation of something I have loved all my life.
— Kathy
Your video series has given me much insight & clarity for beginning this journey.
— Vicki
Thank you for enriching my life and expanding my horizon! I am free to move forward and am looking forward to joining you next course.
— Gaby

Lunar Radiance is for you... 

if you...

are ready to bring your intentions to life

want to be of service

feel a deep connection with the moon

love learning

want to strengthen your connection with your intuition

desire inspirational reminders to keep you moving forward

enjoy self-reflection and want to transform what is holding you back

are open and willing to try new things

Lunar Radiance is NOT for you...

if you...

prefer that someone else to do the work for you

would rather not access your inner wisdom

want easy quick results

are not interested in connecting with practical spiritual practices

don't have the time or energy to invest in your personal growth

If you are feeling the pull of the tides saying YES! Then choose your payment plan that works for you and get ready to dive deep. Enrollment in Lunar Radiance is non-refundable. Thank you for trusting the process. 


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