Lunar Treasure Map Mandala :: Workshop

I know the unknown is known to me.
— Yogi Bhajan

Practicing the Meditation for a Calm Heart can help create a still point for the subtle life force or prana at your heart center. This is a beautiful way to connect with your heart and intentions before beginning the process.




  • Draw or trace a circle - this is your container to hold your intentions

  • After practing the meditation listen to your heart and write down words for your intentions

  • Explore the senses, what do you want to see or be surrounded with this upcoming year of moons? What do you want to hear, taste, smell and touch?

  • Write words in the circle that go with your sense along with how they make you feel. Feel those feelings! 

  • Begin to look through magazines to find images that match those feelings or qualities. Draw or make symbols that connect with your intentions.

  • Layer the mandala, and imagine that each image and symbol is a treasure you will discover on your journey through lunar time!


p.s. I love seeing your work in progress and completed mandalas. Feel free to share on instagram #moonmandalacircle or send it to me directly. xox

Join this creative lunar journey

Registration for the Moon Mandala Circle has reopened for April 2018

This circle is an offering for your empowerment. For you to reclaim your creativity, to practice self-compassion, to gain resilience through the creative process. Reawaken the creative cyclical being inside you that knows how to find her way through the chaos of life to become the calm in the eye of the storm.


Mandalas can help activate your intentions by bringing an idea into form using symbols, words  and colors. You will learn unique approaches and techniques to creating moon mandalas. The lessons are designed to be guided explorations, rather than step by step formulas. It is important that you follow your inner voice! That is what I will be practicing and modeling as your guide.

This is not about being an 'artist' this is about the intention you put into your drawings and collages to activate what you are longing to manifest in your life.



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About April 

I am drawn to things that keep me connected to the cycles in nature and reminders that life is an unfolding work in progress. Meditation, creative process, connection to intuition and the cosmic currents get me up in the morning. And my alarm. And my daughters who need breakfast and lunches for school. And kisses. 


This powerful quote by the artist Ana Mendieta says everything to me about the drive to create. Her earth-body-works made a deep impression on my understanding of place, belonging, mother nature, identity and the female body.