Welcome to the March Circle


Thank you for being a part of this lunar sisterhood and sharing your process. You are welcome to share your reflections with me via email or in the Facebook group HERE if you were unable to make the call. xo April 

Here is the audio file of the gathering:


What to bring:

  • your moon mandala for this cycle (work in progress or complete. if you have not begun - that's fine too, join us for inspiration)
  • reflections on the process and how this new moon has felt unique for you
  • thoughts about yin yang and how it connects you to the lunar cycle and the seasons
  • an oracle or tarot deck (optional)

Chose one thing to review, revise, reimagine, reform ... for this mercury retrograde. Revisit that thing or area of your life from now until the new moon in April when Mercury goes direct! Get clear, clear the path for the treasure map bonus class is coming April 16th!