The New Moon Calendar Journal is designed to help you chart your personal orbits and to bring awareness to patterns. As a moon guide you are facilitating the process of connection and reconnection, with rhythms. This takes devotion and practice over time.

This video will offer ideas about what and how to chart with the moon.

Download  Orbits Page

Download Orbits Page

Where am I right now?

Although I like to focus on what IS working and building off that, it’s also important to bring awareness to what needs to change.

What is not working?

What needs to shift so that I can be more in alignment with _______?

The moon holds a gentle container for this transformation.

Working with the calendar journal with yourself and clients - there are six pages for each lunar cycle:

  • New Moon Mandala

  • Seeds // Intentions

  • Circular Calendar

  • Inhale // Wax

  • Exhale // Wane

  • Release // Reflect

Identify an orbit you wish to chart. For example: Doubt and Trust.

Write the days where you experience one or the other more strongly. This is information to help you navigate this orbit.

Choose a couple symbols that you want to note. For example: Appetite, Creative Practice, and Nature.

You could also focus on the the three pillars in Ayurveda: food, sleep and sex (see Susan Fauman’s blog archive Food, Sleep, and Sex)

Part of charting is creating a rhythm - do I want to chart in the morning, in the evening. Same time or different time every day?

In the beginning it may be irregular and then find a steadiness over time. It can take as little as 5 minutes.

This is a practice of connecting with rhythm.

Now it’s your turn: What challenges do you imagine might arise in facilitating this process for others?

What are you going to chart this moon cycle? List three things you want to bring your attention to.