We will explore what you need to know to answer this inquiry. It involves grounding yourself in time and space on earth and feeling the “being-ness” of the sun and moon around you. This rhythm lays the foundation for connecting with each of the phases in the lunar cycle.


Where is the Moon right now?

This is about orienting yourself and helping others orient to the movement of the earth, sun, and moon. In this video we explore what is REALLY happening and what APPEARS to the happening in the sky.

I open with a story called Por que la luna es libre in the book Fiesta Femenina.

Feel the rhythm, and align with the rhythm.

Your assignment is to create a model for yourself of when the moon is in the sky, tell a story about it, choreograph a dance, draw a series of images, create a visualization - something that will help you embody this experience and facilitate it for others!

Now it’s your turn to share your comments below: What is one new idea that you learned that feels valuable? What burning questions do you still have?