The beauty is that you can relate to the moon without knowing anything about lunar astrology. This lesson looks at the sequence and archetypes of the astrological signs if you wish to bring this layer into your work. You can go deeper into embodiment and astrology with the work of Jenn Falk and Lunar Love Flow in Module 2!

Distilled Elemental Astrology

Modern day Western (tropical) Astrology developed out of Babylonia in ancient Mesopotamia aka present day Iraq. This system was brought to Greece where it was called zōidiakòs kýklos or circle of little animals. From there it made its way to Alexandria, Egypt through the extension of the Hellenistic empire. This is only one system of astrology - you may be interested to research more into other systems from China, India, the Americas, or other parts of the world where your ancestors came from.

The sun travels though each sign for about a month. The moon travels though each sign in about 2.5 days, visiting each sign over the course of a lunar cycle.

In the video, we explore an adapted form of “celestial communication” as a way to embody and express the energy of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Draw the symbols, color-code them if you wish.

Red = Fire

Green = Earth

Yellow = Air

Blue = Water

Expand on this idea and make it your own!

Here are some key words that I developed for each sign to have a distilled vision of each archetypal energy. Download the PDF.

Read about each of the zodiac signs and highlight words that speak to you. Draw the symbol of glyph for each sign next to its name. Add to the descriptions as you continue to learn more. Note: The months of the lunar cycle for each sign may vary slightly from year to year.

INITIATION (April/May Lunar Cycle)

Aries “I am…”

  • Call to action

  • Clear the path

  • Revive your enthusiasm

  • Be bold, be brave, challenge awaits

EARTH BODY (May/June Lunar Cycle)

Taurus “My body is …”

  • Envision the garden of your life

  • Engage your senses and your physical body

  • Stabilize your personal resources

  • Preparation + determination (with a bit of magic) = manifestation

SOUND CURRENT (June/July Lunar Cycle)

Gemini “My mind is …”

  • Listen and be heard

  • Fine tune the vibration of your communication

  • Allow your song to fly far and wide

  • Find stillness and pauses

NEST OF NOURISHMENT (July/August Lunar Cycle)

Cancer “My home is …”

  • Seek and offer sanctuary

  • Create safe space for vulnerability

  • Nurture tenderness in yourself and others

  • Give and receive nurturing emotional warmth

SPIRIT OF PLAY (August/September Lunar Cycle)

Leo “My heart is …”

  • Love freely

  • Radiate generosity

  • Invite the inner child to be unapologetically confident and carefree

  • Ignite your creative spark, let it be contagious

HEALING HARVEST (September/October Lunar Cycle)

Virgo “My rhythm is …”

  • Sort out the details and get what matters in order

  • Expand your capacity to be of service in whatever way you are called

  • Establish rhythms for radiant health and wellbeing

  • Focus on what is working

INTIMATE EQUALITY (October/November Lunar Cycle)

Libra “Balance is …”

  • Focus on partnerships and satisfying relationships

  • Weave beauty into advocating for what is right

  • Remember that we are all in this together

  • Harmonize masculine and feminine energies within your being

DEEP DIVE  (November/December Lunar Cycle)

Scorpio “Power is …”

  • Connect with the power of the cycle of birth, death and regeneration

  • Transform and transcend

  • Look under all the rocks to discover deep hidden truths

  • Bring up the shadows into the light, penetrate the veil of separation

SHOOTING STAR (December/January Lunar Cycle)

Sagittarius “My journey is …”

  • See the big picture

  • Explore the intersection of all paths and the freedom of movement

  • Be willing to go on an adventure, learn and expand your horizons

  • Quest for unity and bringing the pieces of the puzzle together

PURPOSEFUL WORK (January/February Lunar Cycle)

Capricorn “My legacy is …”

  • Learn to teach, teach to learn

  • Climb to a lookout point to see where you’ve been and where you are headed

  • Identify structures that support your long-term goals

  • Work towards the completion of projects that have lasting significance

ELECTRICITY OF (RE)VOLUTION  (February/March Lunar Cycle)

Aquarius “We are …”

  • Feel free to reinvent yourself and release the fear of what others may think

  • Express your role in creating inclusive community networks

  • Consciously share your light to help liberate others from what binds them

  • Encourage progress to the next stage of development

FERTILE VISIONS  (March/April Lunar Cycle)

Pisces “My dreams are …”

  • Continue to hibernate and gestate what has not yet been revealed

  • Explore the deep waters of your dreams

  • Find strength in sensitivity and the wisdom of emotions

  • Engage your imagination and intuition to see what lies ahead

    Notes distilled and compiled by April McMurtry from a variety of references including: Moonology by Yasmin Boland, New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller, We’Moon Calendars, Hali Karla’s In the Stars, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, and other books and online sources.

    As I was creating this lesson, I happened upon an amazing site with a Visual Guide to the Zodiac by Mars Zhaus Gradiva, who also writes about astrology and queer gender theory.

Visual Guide to the Zodiac by Mars Zhaus Gradiva

Visual Guide to the Zodiac by Mars Zhaus Gradiva

Image source from http://astrostyle.com/zodiac-sign-dates/

Image source from http://astrostyle.com/zodiac-sign-dates/

Now it’s your turn: How has your relationship to astrology changed by watching this lesson? What are ways you want to weave lunar astrology into your work? Share your ideas and questions in the comments below…