The cycle process is a pattern of tension and release, activity and rest, of assertion and restraint. The shifting of energy currents maintains a quality of attentiveness and engagement in your system, which allows it to renew and recalibrate so you don’t become hardened and insensitive.
— Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer in Wild Power

Mapping with the moon involves attuning yourself to the unique relationship of cycles within cycles. This process involves developing words, symbols and language to express your cyclical nature.

The video explores six cycles: The creative cycle, the life cycle, the season cycle, the moon cycle, and the day cycle. You will need paper, a pen - colored pencils are optional. Your assignment is to write key words for each quadrant of the cycles.

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Connecting with the Four Quadrants

Listen to the Busy like a Bee audio and start to hone in on your unique lunar language.

These words and symbols can help you develop your intimate relationship with your cyclical nature.

Now it’s your turn: What are you integrating and initiating from this lesson? Share the key words that resonate with you for each phase of the cycle.