The medicine of the moon can be found in the waning, like the wisdom of winter. Everything must die. For me the pomegranate represents the lunar cycle in it's growth and decay. Like plants in nature, the moon cycle reminds us practice transition every cycle. It's deceptively simple and profoundly sacred.

wax: increase in size gradually, to grow

wane: become smaller gradually, diminish, dwindle, decline, fade

Wax and wane have always gone hand in hand, like “rise and fall.”

Most people focus on the rise and try to avoid the fall. However, the falling keeps the cycle intact as well as the rising.

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Moon Medicine for Waxing and Waning

  • Lunar energy has been devalued in modern society to the more celebrated active, productive solar energy.

  • No wonder why so many people experience “burn-out”, we are being burned by too much of our own over productive solar energy.

  • Tuning-in to the moon’s cycle is a reminder to rest and replenish your nectar.

  • It asks the question, what are you devoted to honoring?

  • Your relationship with this cycle and aligning with lunar time can help you find rhythm that is fluid rather than rigid. Replenishing rather than depleting.

Audio inquiry

During the waxing of the moon (growing in light) - the SUN leads the way. Meaning the sun rises first.

During the waning of the moon (shedding light) - the MOON leads the way. Meaning the moon rises first.

What helps you grow your presence and strength to “hold your own?”

Our wholeness is how we hold all the pieces of our life, all the phases, all the parts together.

It is also realizing that these pieces are a work in progress and constantly being re-arranged. Perhaps this is why “wholeness” is so elusive.

The Waxing part of the cycle - building up to the full moon asks us to explore: What is my realtionship to expansion and fullness?

The Waning part of the cycle - releasing to the new moon asks us to explore: What is my relationship to contraction and emptiness?

Now it’s your turn: share your reflections on these inquiries in the comments below.

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