Sprout and Flower Cycle: SUSTAIN


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground"  ~ Rumi


The Waxing Crescent Moon is like a cradle holding a baby. Honor beginner’s mind. Honor tenderness. Honor possibility and the first signs of growth. 

The First Quarter Moon, like Spring Equinox, represents unfolding and emerging truth. Honor taking action. Honor pushing through the blocks and expanding past limiting beliefs. 

SUSTAIN: unfolding, forming, growing visibility, pollination, communication, stay the course, focus, commitment …

What words do you associate with the energy of the First Quarter Moon? 


You are designing your future every moment. The lessons of the first quarter moon are to inspire you to take action to develop the seeds of your intentions. 

Move from the visioning, dormancy and rest of the new moon into vitality and action of the waxing moon. Know what taking action that you can maintain feels like for you.

Practice makes progress. There is no failing, just information to guide the journey forward. Watch the video to learn more about how to work with the energy of the waxing moon to unfold and flower. 



Here is a PDF to go deeper with the First Quarter Moon: Orienting to the First Qtr. Moon

Click to download

It contains sections on: Moon Medicine, First Quarter Moon Energetics, What Makes the Moon First Quarter? Working with the First Quarter Moon, and Lunar Inquiries.



Your life is a garden and the seasons are like the phases of the moon. Just like in springtime, seeds begin to sprout and take form at the first quarter.  

Do you like what you see, feel, hear, sense? Are you headed in the direction that is bringing you closer to your intentions? If not, change course. 

At the first quarter pause and ask: are the sprouts that are forming more like noxious weeds or nourishing projects/relationships? 

Pay attention to what it takes to open. A risk? More rest? An adventure? Buds that are undernourished will wither on the vine before they become fruit. How are you tending to yourself?

The first quarter moon invites you to take action. Be dynamic. Be discerning.

Moon Seed Cycle Inventory:

Identify the projects and areas of you life that are in the "first quarter moon" phase. What relationships, creative projects, work, ideas, intentions, habits or in the phase of needing to be sustained? How are you nurturing or tending to them? What distractions need to be weeded out?

Make a list. 




When you sense your relationship with this energy of the lunar cycle, how do you relate to sustaining and maintaining your body, home, relationships, creative projects?

Listen to the audio to connect with this phase of the moon and how it can support you.


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