Compost Cycle: SURRENDER


“Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


The Last Quarter Moon represent the journey inward. As the moon wanes, honor what no longer serves you. Honor letting go and releasing. Honor digestion, integration and refection. Honor the lessons that will become fertile compost for new seeds and experiences. Honor gratitude. 

The Waning Crescent Moon is like the wisp of a great-grandmother’s hair. Honor your roots. Honor wisdom. Honor returning to source. 

The end is also the beginning. 

SURRENDER: releasing, reflection, unraveling, endings, destruction, transitions, clearing out, death, goodbyes, digesting, integrating …

What words do you associate with the energy of the Last Quarter Moon? 


Now is the time to return home from your journey; to bring back the wisdom from your experiences and take some time to integrate them before moving on to the next cycle.

This phase and time is often rushed over - in the garden it’s when all the crops have produced their last fruit and everything is starting to rot. This is not a pretty time - and many people will look away to avoid seeing what becomes of the flower and fruit once the cycle comes to a close.

And yet it is the composting, the breaking down which prepares the ground to be fertile again.

This time of the lunar cycle is a death practice, it’s a winding down and unraveling so that something new can take form. How you honor this phase is how you clear out the old and make way for something new to arise and be born through you.



Here is a PDF to go deeper with the First Quarter Moon: Orienting to the Last Qtr. Moon

Click to download

It contains sections on: Moon Medicine, First Quarter Moon Energetics, What Makes the Moon Last Quarter? Working with the Last Quarter Moon, and Lunar Inquiries.


This video explores elements of the Last Quarter Moon with inquiries and lessons of lunar wisdom and space clearing (and an antidote of feeling like a martyr as a mom).

I filmed this a year ago and it was powerful to re-watch. In my creative process I like to create new, new, new and this helped me see that I can recycle and reuse what has already been created (this is very last quarter moon energy - integrating and reflecting rather than initiating something new). It’s like making leftovers from what is in the pantry rather than going grocery shopping or out to eat.

Moon Seed Cycle Inventory:

Identify the projects and areas of you life that are in the "last quarter moon" phase. What relationships, creative projects, work, ideas, intentions, habits or in the phase of needing to be released? What are you not ready to let go of? How can you practice tending to the end of the life of something is small conscious ways so that it becomes part of the process rather than something to be avoided.

Make a list. 

What are you surrendering (giving up control of, releasing)?

What are you calling in to take the place of what has been surrendered?

How can you practice being in the place of not knowing?


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