Navigating Transitions, Space Clearing and Letting GO(DESS)

Transitions can be challenging, learning to navigate them is a practice. Working with the energy of the lunar cycle offers a way to understand constant change and not get stuck in one phase.

In addition to all the phases of the moon, the lunar cycle can be understood as a three-part process: light builds, delivers, and recedes.

Simple (and kinda the secret to life when you get into it).

This lessons build on three layers that relate to the lunar cycle: g-o-d, the modalities of the zodiac, and the energies of Hindu gods/goddess. These are illustrated on the drawing below.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.17.59 PM.png

Three IS a Magic Number

Yogi Bhajan talks about the 3-part energy of the infinite divine as the g-o-d.



d-delivering or destroying

Notice how these energies connect with the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle. Listen to the audio to explore in depth:


Modalities of the Zodiac

In Western Astrology, each sign of the zodiac is associated with an element: earth, air, fire, water.

Beyond that, each of the elements further expresses itself as one of three modalities: cardinal, fixed, mutable. As you read the descriptions see which ones you relate to.

cardinal - self-initiatory spirit, assertive, idea generating, new and fresh, starter energy. One quality of cardinal signs is that they can focus more on the possibilities and potential and struggle to make plans a reality.

fixed - maintain, hold steady, structure, stability, solid, predictable, focus and purpose. One quality of fixed signs is that they may resist change, which can give it a reputation for being stubborn.

mutable - flexible, adaptable, and restless for movement, change. One quality of mutable signs is that they can change quickly. They represent the break-down before the next season begins, so there can be a touch of chaos or instability present in this energy.

For example, Cancer is a water sign that expresses the cardinal modality. Cardinal water is like a geyser that bursts forth. The water is expressed and flows in an impressive visible way. This is different than water that is fixed or mutable.

Assignment: Look at the element and modality of your moon and sun sign. How would you describe each element through the lens of its modality?

Which modalities are your strong point, which ones are you developing? Are there people in your life who hold the space of some of the modalities that are less developed in you?

Hindu gods/goddess

As you read each of the descriptions, notice which modality is expressed through that goddess and which energy of the G-O-D triad they possess.

All of these goddesses express dimensions of the self and the Self. Read more in-depth about each one in the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.

Saraswati (associated with Brahma - the Creator) embodies creative flow through language and sound. She is associated with the moon, purity, insight, and grace. Saraswati takes the form of the inner impulse of intuitive knowing. Her energy lives in “the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises with the field of your consciousness. (Awakening Shakti pg. 108).”

Lakshmi, Sita and Radha (associated with Vishnu - the Preserver) are the energies who hold the world together. They embody the nurturing qualities of the divine feminine. They sustain life with prosperity.

Kali, Durga, and Lalita (associated with Shiva - the Destroyer) embody the assertive, powerful, wild feminine. They oversee the process of awakening and transformation. This energy can be disruptive, protective, revolutionary, and fiercely independent.

Assignment: You may relate to other wisdom traditions that have gods/goddesses or animal spirits that personify aspects of this three-part energy. How can you create a relationship with the natural world and aspects of yourself through the lens of these universal traits.

Dark of the Moon and Space Clearing

During the 3 days of the dark of the moon, we are called to live by the grace of God(dess). To trust.

The day before, the day of and the day after the new moon there is no lunar light reflected back to earth.

We must find this light within.

In the dark of the moon, you may find yourself taking steps before anything is visible or knowable yet. When you are in this void - don’t rush to fill it up. Something actually has to die before the next iteration can be born.

Space clearing is one way to transition from one cycle or one iteration to the next. It invites the old to be swept away and leave an opening for the new.

My early learning about space clearing was from Karen Kingston who studied and lived in Bali. The process involved cleaning and clearing clutter, creating flower offerings, clapping, ringing bells, visualization, and intention setting.

What practices do you already do? Physical hygiene like brushing teeth, showering, and going to the bathroom are daily forms of space clearing. They are ways of eliminating the old and renewing the energy.

Energetic hygiene is similar in that it cleans up the unseen realms. You may look to the elements to guide you for clearing space.

Write the thing that you need to release and then…

Fire and Air - burn it, make a fire and send it up with smoke…

Earth - bury it, allow the earth to compost it, create a mandala as you pray for release…

Water - soak it, take a bath, put it in the washing machine, send it out to sea as an offering…

In addition to sound vibrations from bells, chanting, or clapping, you can create a personal mantra for space clearing. I like to say:

“Anything that is not serving me or the greatest good - please leave my field NOW!”

Now it’s your turn: How can the energy of the g-o-d, modalities, and goddesses support how you navigate transitions? What light does it shed on how you can deepen your practice as a moon guide?

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