Facilitating the Process + Integration, Alignment, and Holding Space  

Manifesting a vision is not static and definitely not linear; rather, it is an organic process of adapting and changing as we interact with many unknowns. A seed planted in the ground automatically adjusts as it interacts with rocks, roots, poor growing conditions, infertile soil, and so on. This is the way of growth and manifestation.
— Gail Straub and David Gershon

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In many forms of education, government, and religion there has been a system of hierarchies, experts, and authorities. The future that we are birthing calls upon inner authority and new systems of learning and sharing power. Some might call this a more feminine or lunar way of being relational, in relationship with.

A facilitator holds space for an experience and guides the process. It is a person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier.

The origin of the word comes from the Latin word: facilis "easy to do” and the French faciliter "to render easy," and the Spanish word fácil “easy.”

Okay, so what do you want to make easier for people?


Create space for digestion - for yourself and for those in your moon circle, workshop, client session, gathering, class. We may have soooo much we want to share. As you know from the lunar cycle - 1/4 of the cycle is for integration. So if you teach a two hour class, ideally 30 minutes of that are given to reflection and integration of some kind.

At then end of most yoga classes there is a time for rest, or Savasana. The longer the rest, the more benefit can be received. However, this is often not given the same priority as the action oriented movement. To some, it seems unproductive. Why is being unproductive such a bad thing? Write a book about THIS!

Connect with the places, people and cultures that practice siesta, or a rest time during the day. Businesses are closed for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day. This is time for digestion, building reserves, and taking respite from the heat of mid-day.

To someone who may not see the value in rest, this may seem absurd or a waste of time. The wisdom of the siesta, of the waning moon needs to be re-integrated where it has been lost in value being based on never-ending productivity.


Imagine you are going to market to set out your blanket and share something you have made or an experience you are facilitating. People have come to market to look for something they need or want. How will they know if what you are offering is right for them?

When you are in alignment with your work and communicate that clearly, it is easier for others to recognize if it is right for them.

Your Orbits

Farther out: Start by giving it away!

What is something that is free so that people can learn about what you offer, how you teach, who you are? This could be something in-person, a video or something written that adds value to someone’s life. Often this is what folks have on their website to invite people to sign up for a newsletter. In the online world, a farther out orbit is something where someone can “meet” you or learn about your work without actually meeting you. IRL this could be a flyer or a talk at a studio, school, community center, friends home about some aspect of what you have to share.

People may want to experience you before coming into a closer orbit. If you have a newsletter, it gives them a chance to learn and see if they resonate with you. I practice saying, “Thank you for knowing your truth and what is right for you!” when people choose to unsubscribe.

Closer in: Stepping into shared space

When someone decides to work with you how do they go about doing that? What are the easy steps they can take to be a part of what you are sharing.

Holding Space

A simple definition for “holding space” is creating a container in time and space for something to take place. Within that container your intention sets a particular frequency.

That frequency can help people feel safe to participate. Is the focus more inward or outward? Is there some of both? How are people getting to interact with themselves, with each other, and with the material being shared?

Do you want to have guidelines or group agreements?

When will you meet?

What is your role?

What is the theme/topic?

What is the agenda? How do you want to schedule the time? What will be shared and how will it be shared (what format?)


Visualize your offerings and the bigger picture of your work. How much space are you holding, and when?Choose one timeframe to start with and write what you want to share for that frequency of time:

Once a day

Once/twice a week

Once/twice a lunar cycle

Once a quarter (season)

Once a year

Clarity Questions

Reflect of the lesson for Knowing your WHY. Here are some follow-up questions:

Who do you serve? What life situation do they find themselves in?

What need or needs do they have that you can help them meet?

How will these people find you?

What currency do you work with? How does it flow? What are the numbers/energy in and out?

What do you want your business and life to feel like?

How do you define success?

How will you measure progress?

Who will you collaborate with and in what ways can it be mutually supportive?

Anyone who knows me, should learn to know me again.
For I am like the Moon
you will see me with a new face everyday
— Rumi
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