Radiance + Protection

Stolen Mother Moon

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This story retold by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes comes from an English tale called Dead Moon. The Moon can be interpreted as many things. When Dr. Estés told the story in a training this fall she said, “The Moon is the gold behind the wall.”

In this symbolic journey each character can be seen as an aspect of the self.

As you listen - sketch the harmonious village, the loving moon, the swamp and the swap monsters, and the group that sets the moon free again. Identify each part of yourself that is like each of these characters and write about them in a personal way.

Inquiries: What part of myself is the gold that I keep hidden? Why?

What part of myself is like the swamp monsters? How is it that I come to my rescue when my light has been dimmed?

Stolen Mother Moon appears in the collection Warming the Stone Child by Dr. Estés.
Read one interpretation of the story: here and a full transcription: here.

Meditations + Visualizations

Inquiries: Describe radiance in your own words - it could be a poem, a list of expressions, or how it feels.

When do you feel protected? Why is protection necessary?

In your experience, how are radiance and protection related?

One way to create protection is by connecting with the space around your physical body through the breath, sound or movement. This is the electromagnetic field acts as a buffer or shield. Our electromagnetic energy field is known as the aura. A strong and balanced aura will help protect you from negative energy and keep you healthy.

In this video I share several suggestions and that include:

Light Egg Meditation in Boundaries and Protection by Pixie Lighthorse

Moon Aura or Halo

Moon Shield - bounce off and reflect back

Kundalini Yoga resources:

Your Auric Shield

What other practices do you have for developing radiance and creating protection? Start a conversation and share with your moon guide collegues in the #slack.

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