Seeds of Intention + Seeds of Wisdom

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Seeds of Intention: dear moon, dear earth please help these seeds grow with your nourishment and light

One way to work with the moon and to help guide others is to set a seed or intention at the beginning of the cycle. At the end of the cycle take note of what has become fruit.

An intention can be in the form of an invitation, mantra, goal, prayer, request, or affirmation – whatever language resonates with you. Try stating the same thing with different words and notice how it feels in your body. Does your energy go up or down? 

Begin in darkness, stillness, silence.

The new moon creates an opening for setting intentions and planting seeds. As the light of the moon waxes and grows, imagine that light nurturing and illuminating your intentions. 

Intentions, like seeds, have their own lifecycles. If your intention has been germinating for some time, it may take only one moon cycle to sprout, flower, and bear fruit. More involved projects and deeper transformation could take several moon cycles or even multiple trips around the sun. Many layers of inner and outer influences affect the lifecycle of your intentions. 

What seeds do I wish to sow? A seed can represent a creative project, practice, longing, behavior, attitude, desire, or energy that you want cultivate. As you write and draw your intentions in this calendar, you are providing fertile ground for those seeds to flourish. 

What is asking to be accepted or transformed? How do I want to direct my energy this cycle? What will I surround myself with? What does the future I want to move towards look like? What yearns to be manifested or created through me?

It would be a miracle if... (this language opens up new possibilities and is a teaching that comes from Paramatma Siri Sadhana)

Seeds of Wisdom: gather the wisdom at the end of the cycle by noticing and reflecting on what has fruited. It could be a challenge, a lesson learned, a success, an accomplishment. What has come to light? Within that fruit or experience there are seeds that you may wish to save and bring into the next cycle (what worked, what I want to do differently). Note these before setting new intentions.


Seeds // Intentions

Here are eight practical ways to use the 4 dots on the New Moon Calendar Journal - these are on the page facing the circular calendar.

  • color-code four habits or practices for the cycle

  • pull an oracle card for each of the four phases

  • four elements how to relate to through out the cycle

  • seed, sprout, flower, fruit - one thing that goes with each in your life right now

  • choose four symbols to write in that you wish to track

  • four phases of menstruation - choose a word or a card as an intention for that energy

  • list four intentions or miracles you wish to manifest or co-create

  • plant allies that you want to work with for the energy of this cycle

On a personal note - I like to write “notes to self” on this page as guiding words and images for the cycle. Sometimes they are more specific than others. You can develop your own practice and experiment each cycle.

Visit Sita’s video workshop on Setting Intentions with the Elements in the BONUS section to learn more about specific wording and working with the elements.

Now it’s your turn: share you ideas for how you might guide others to craft their new moon intentions.

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