Relationship to Archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles Structure + Flow

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Polarities and Inner Marriage

Lunar / solar and Yin / Yang are examples that illustrate the masculine and feminine principles of structure and flow. These are not gender specific and it may be helpful to come up with your language about how you want to talk about these qualities.

These polarities exist, and it’s the inner union and alchemy that takes them from being a binary (either/or) to essential energies that have unique qualities that express themselves through us to different degrees.

These qualities have been personified in as the sun and the moon, and as Gods and Goddesses - such as the Hindu Shiva and Shakti - that are often depicted as one being joined together.

We can experience an inner marriage when one set of qualities is neither suppressed or in an extreme expression; instead both are developed and available to work together to support the true self.

Just like the hemispheres of the brain - the right does not exist without the left. One is not better than the other. The New Moon and Full Moon are extremely unique and both have value. It is a conversation, relationship, and development of our whole self.

The lunar cycle teaches transformation and how to experience the entire range.


This whole self is also made up of parts. The Vedic Lunar calendar has 16 Goddesses that preside over the lunar phases. In Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses, Julie Peters’ writes: “Nitya means “eternal” or “forever,” and indicated the way the moon is always present and always changing, returning through the same cycle again and again, a little different every time you look up.”

The chapters include: The Goddess of…

Loneliness, disruptive desire, embodiment, vulnerability, choice, intoxication, equality, instinct, learning, death light, the blue, ugliness, freedom, break-ups, storytelling, and playfulness.

Practice and Inquiry

Connect with the more active, decisive, focused part of yourself. When and how do you access this?

Then connect with the more receptive, fluid, meandering part of yourself. When and how do you access this?

What qualities have been emphasized, taught, and valued in your family, community, and society? Why do you think that is? (this is a big question and I think the answer is connected to why many of us are wanting to bring more lunar practices into our life, work, and the world at large).

Assignment: Make your own list or spectrum of qualities with your own headings.

You may wish to refer to page 6 in your New Moon Calendar Journal as well as the Yin Yang Mandala practice for ideas.

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Video Lesson Structure and Flow

Working with Light and Shadow

Notes on the Dark Goddess from author Demetra George:

"On the absolute energetic level, where our cosmos exists as particles of matter in motion moving back and forth between states of form and formlessness, the ancients conceptualized the triple nature of the feminine lunar energy as the cyclical forces of creation, preservation, and destruction that keep the universe in motion." 

"The Dark Moon Crone was artistically represented with the wrathful face of the goddess who devours life, and some figures also depict her vulva, symbolizing subsequent renewal."

"In all of these systems we have been conditioned to fear and devalue the dark of the moon, as symbolized by the deepest part of the night, the wisdom of our night dreams, the death phase of the cyclical life, the shadow of the unconscious, menstruation and menopause, magic and divination, the barren desolate season of winter, and the harvest of our old age."

"And so we must invoke and praise the Dark Goddess, who has been banished and neglected from our psyches. Her ultimate function is to facilitate the transformation that occurs in the dark. She provokes the death of our ego selves, of our old forms, and of our false assumptions, so that we can give birth to the new."

(excerpts from pp. 32 -57 Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George)

Lunar Nodes

This excerpt is from an article by Tenaaz and Forever Conscious that offers a basic interpretation that can be helpful for knowing the themes of the upcoming eclipses. How this effects each of us will be unique to our birth chart and life journey.

“There are two Lunar Nodes- the North and the South. We look to the South Lunar Node for guidance on what lessons we have mastered in previous incarnations, and we look to the North Lunar Node for what purpose or lessons we have to work through in this particular lifetime.

The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months, so this new cycle is one that we will all be feeling. As Cancer is in the North Node position, and Capricorn is in the South Node position, this indicates we are here to master the lessons of Cancer, and to evolve and build upon the Capricorn lessons we have already mastered in the past.

Cancer energy is about mothering, nurturing, and is very connected to feeling. Cancer energy is very feminine and encourages us to think about the home and family. In a way, you could stay that Cancer energy represents the mother.

On the other hand, Capricorn energy is very ambitious and is all about working hard to achieve your goals. In a way, you could say that Capricorn energy represents the father, and encourages us to think about success and our career.”

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Other books and resources:

Women’s Power to Heal by Maya Tiwari

The Lunation Cycle by Dane Rudhyar

Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses by Julie Peters

Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche

What would you like to contribute to this evolving conversation? What guidance and lessons have been helpful to you in finding structure and flow in your life and work? What does embodying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine look like and feel like to you? In what ways might this language be limiting or exclusive? What qualities are you developing and honoring through this lunar work?

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