Moon Four: Fruit Cycle


the ocean
can calm itself, 
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
― Nayyirah Waheed
ocean #themoonismycalendar


Water, the moon and emotions are intricately connected.

Emotions can become heightened at the full moon, as they rise to the surface they need somewhere to go! 

Maya Tiwari writes, "Water is a conductor of awareness; it takes on different forms to help us heal. It has the ability to respond to the highest and lowest intentions... and can collect our disturbed emotions and cleanse them through it's fluid vibrations."

Imagine the sounds on a meditation CD - there is usually water in the background - rainfall, a flowing river, the shhhhh sound of waves the shore. Water can have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Water has a range of expressions from stormy to serene and all in between. You may refer to the element of water to describe your emotional state: stuck emotions are like ice - unmoving, solid and cold; heated emotions of anger and frustration are like steam, hence the phrase "letting off steam."

As the moon pulls the tides creating an ongoing ebb and flow of the sea, the light of the full moon can bring unexpected emotions to light.

In my experience, feelings can be like a compass, information to help guide the journey - not good or bad, just valuable information. They can also be like weather that just needs to be expressed before it can move on. 

On the full moon ask:

How do I SHARE my emotions, my inner life, my radiance?

What are my anchors as I ride the waves of this cycle? 



Here is a PDF to go deeper with the Full Moon: Orienting to the Full Moon

Click to download

It contains sections on: Moon Medicine, Full Moon Energetics, What Makes the Moon Full? Working with the Full Moon, and Lunar Inquiries.



The full moon parallels the energy of summertime. Notice your associations with this season and how they may present themselves at the full moon.

See the full inquiry in the PDF.

Look back to your intention from the moon cycle when the new moon was in the same sign as the present full moon. It’s around six months apart. For example: The New moon in Aries is in March or April. The full moon in Aries is in September or October.

Moon Seed Cycle Inventory:

Identify the projects and areas of you life that are in the "full moon" phase. What feels like it is coming full circle? How are you making progress or maturing (in the sense of ripening and refining)?

What relationships, creative projects, work, ideas, intentions, habits or in the phase of harvesting the fruit of your labor? What seeds of wisdom have you gained from your efforts? What feels ready to share?

Make a list. 


Call recording from May 1, 2018 1:00 PM Pacific Time 




Listen to the audio to connect with the full moon and how it can support you.