Moon One: Before the Seed




“It’s relaxing for us as human beings to be rhythmic.” -- Hari Kirin

This video invites you to look at the big picture of your rhythms and cycles from a macro and micro level of your day, week, the lunar cycle, and the yearly seasons. It offers prompts for working with the tools of charting your cycles within cycles. This will help you refine a template for how you currently experience each cycle and set intentions for how you DESIRE to experience them.



The journey of Lunar Radiance is finding was to develop a personal relationship to the moon that is a reminder and a support to your radiance, how you shine and show up in the world. 

You will become more attuned to noticing where you are at in the cycle so that you may honor the gifts and lessons of that phase.

Cycles within Cycles contains inquiries to explore the templates you will receive in the mail to help you map your rhythms. Download the Cycles within Cycles PDF here.

Work at your own pace so that you can add to and revise as you discover more. We can work with what patterns you are noticing during our coaching sessions.





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Topics: rhythms with the elements, strengthening senses and awareness, eclipse experiences, group check-in, saros cycle of 18 year cycle of eclipses, course content review, ways to process and integrate, initiation with the moon, sitting with the moon in a receptive state of listening. 

Feb 2, 2018 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)