Moon Two: Seed Cycle



"I know the Unknown is Known to me." ~ Yogi Bhajan



We are continuing the journey of Lunar Radiance by connecting with each of the four main phases. The Seed Cycle relates to the New Moon and the Dark Goddess Kali. In the video I read a couple passages from Mysteries of the Dark Moon and Awakening Shakti that speak to the energetics of the New Moon.





Here is a PDF to go deeper with the New Moon: Orienting to the New Moon

Click to download

It contains sections on: Moon Medicine, New Moon Energetics, Lunar Time, What Makes the Moon New? Working with the New Moon, Eclipses and the Nodes, and Lunar Inquiries.



Seeds need a spark to begin to grow, this energy or ripening responds to our intention and action as well as an attitude of allowing. It's not all up to you.

Moon Seed Cycle Inventory:

Identify the projects and areas of you life that are in the "new moon" phase. What relationships, creative projects, work, ideas, intentions, habits or in this beginning spark phase? How are you nurturing or tending to them? What forms of support do you need?

Make a list. Plant a seed (literal or metaphorical) for each one.



Call replay for 2/5/18



Before the next New Moon create a physical, tangible reminder in your environment of the the transition between waxing and waning.

Choose something simple and significant that reminds you of the shift. This could be a set of moon flags, a different color candle, jewelry or a crystal that you change at the full and new moon phases.   

Tutorial for moon flags: HERE

You may also try blocking out one or two days on your calendar before and after the new moon as a reminder to be receptive and allow for the unknown. 

The audio below is a guided practice / meditation to connect with the lunar energy as a Divine Mother calling on how we are nurtured by exploring this relationship. Ideal to listen to the week before the New Moon.