Our first call to begin this journey is on Saturnday Nov 3, 2018 1:00 PM Pacific Time / 4:00PM Eastern. Call recording will be posted here within 48 hrs.

Bring an intention for yourself and an idea for a project you want to bring into form during our time together or the upcoming next year. We will be co-creating the container for this experience.

Link to join:


This video lesson explores cultivating your presence as a clear channel or vessel for lunar wisdom. Creating a container and being a mirror. Holding space and presence for others. Looking at your moon journey for clues about how you are already working with the wisdom of the moon. Exploring ways to be of service.

Prompts + Assignments

Create a personal “oath” to say before you begin your work, whether it is holding a moon circle, working with clients, or even doing personal work.

What practices or rituals do you have to “get clear”? This may relate to the elements (fire, air, water, earth).

Describe the container you want to hold for others. How will you invite the people you are facilitating to create agreements for the experience?

What do you love about the moon?

Looking at what you love about the moon, how is that a part of you?

What are the core elements of your moon journey - how does she speak to you, what does she want you to share with others about her wisdom?

Prompt: The moon is like a _____________ to me.

In the comments below, share three words that are key to being a moon guide for others. These may be words you might say to remind yourself to be a clear channel, qualities that you relate to, or aspects of the moon that you want to bring to your work.