New Moon Orientation

We will be gathering energetically at 8:02 am Pacific on November the 7th for the new moon.

Convert to your time zone.

This moment is the passage from one cycle to the next, you will be in your own space, doing what you choose to be doing. Listen to the audio for full instructions on the orientation assignment.

black of the moon


This practice help you build awareness and the ability to connect through time and space.

“I saw the moon and I thought of you”

Since you can’t actually see the new moon: “I felt the moon and I thought of you.”

Explore themes of Control and Surrender

Your assignment is to develop and deepen personal Practices/ Rituals/Ways to mark transitions that are simple and align you more with lunar time.

Here is what mine sounds like…

Set the intention to think about your intentions, this group learning experience, the upcoming moon cycle, your journey.

Write notes, moonstorm (aka brainstorm - this word comes from the work of Maya Corrine), decide on a simple practice or ritual, make a plan to pause at the moment of the new moon, and share your experience in the comments below.