Your WHY

Welcome to this guided inquiry into your WHY with an audio, PDF and prompts. This is a framework that you can practice with yourself and others. It is the big picture!

TRY IT: Why does connecting with the moon matter?

Because when I am connected with the moon…

And why does that matter?

It matters because…

And what difference does that make…

Keep going until you distill your answer to its essence. And share it in the comments below.

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Who do you show up for?

How do you show up?

What is your relationship to fullness?

What is your relationship to emptiness?

What nourishes you?

How do you nourish others?

How do you direct your creativity, your life force energy?

What depletes your creativity, your life force energy?

Connect with a time when you felt most alive, thriving, connected, on point, lit up. Where were you? Who was there, what were you engaged in? List qualities from all your senses that were a part of this time in your life.

What are the physical, emotional, spiritual signs and sensations that are present when you feel most alive?

This is your radiance.

This is your service and your contribution to the planet and to humanity.

Connecting with the moon can help remind and guide you to this essence.

Listen to the audio to connect with your WHY, to distill your purpose, to connect with the moon for guidance.

Download the PDF: Your WHY

Write notes, make a touchstone for yourself, and share your experience in the comments below.