Tree of Life Moon Mandala



The Tree of Life is a symbol that is found in many cultures in mythology, philosophy and spirituality to represent the connection between heaven and earth and the underworld.

In an intentional creative mandala practice working with the tree of life can help you get in touch with what nourishes you (roots, earth, reservoir, elements), what seeds you are tending (projects, relationships, your creative spark, habits), your connection to the cycles in nature, what you are reaching for, what inspires your growth (warmth, light, words, connection). 

The tree doesn't need to look a certain way - I even worked with the symbol of bamboo (which is a grass) so you can choose a plant that represents the qualities that you would like to embody. It can take many forms.

Watch the video and experience how to go through the following steps:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Visualization
  • Creating the Mandala 
  • Reflection

Also I wanted to share some inspiration from different artists and cultures that have depicted the Tree of Life also know as Sacred Tree or World Tree. Addition here is an article that shows images from around the world: Tree of Life Iconography. This symbol is ancient and can hold deep meaning as a personal symbol of wisdom, strength, connection and vitality. You create the meaning!


You are invited to share your inspiration and questions in the Moon Mandala Circle and Lunar Radiance Facebook group HERE. Enjoy the process!