After the full moon, the lunar cycle begins to wind down and offer a space for reflection, gratitude, honoring, celebration and release.

These resources are designed to support the transition from the more active energy of the waxing phases to the more receptive qualities of the waning phases.  

Here are two practices to help you let go, get unstuck, transition, welcome in new inspiration and align with lunar time! 


1. Waning Moon Movement Release




Music performed by Mercedes Sosa "Todo cambia"

I love this song and the freedom of movement, in less than 10 minutes it's possible to totally shift the mood.

To begin, connect with your breath, get grounded and begin to move with the intention of connecting to your core and releasing what no longer serves you.

Here are two invitations to get you started...


Experience yourself as a form in nature

A tree, a plant, anything that has a life cycle

Allow your body to feel each stage of the cycle of growth and release

Move as this chosen form would move in response to the seasons


As you move, you may wish to connect with the elements

Winds of change, how can air assist you to shift, express and let go

Water flowing, feeling the ebb and flow, drawing in and extending outward

Fire of transformation, blazing to change forms

Earth stable ground, what is released can be composted back into nutrients.

2. Waning Moon Reflect and Release Creative Project 


Colored paper

Pen or pencil

Tape or glue

New Moon Calendar Journal Reflect // Release page



Two more videos with fresh inspiration for the waning time of the lunar cycle: 


You are invited to share your inspiration and questions in the Moon Mandala Circle and Lunar Radiance Facebook group HERE. Or email me directly with any questions: april@themoonismycalendar.com

Enjoy the process!