Moon Mandala Themes

Making your intentions visible by embodying them in a moon mandala is a step to manifesting them in the material, earthly realm. May the Moon Mandala Circle and personal practice support your creative flow! 


 2018 THEMES

Tree of Life Moon Mandala - Jan

Miracle Moon Mandala - Feb

Yin/Yang Equinox Mandala - March

Oracle Moon Mandala - April

Lotus Moon Mandala - May 

Five Elements Solstice Mandala - June

Crystal Moon Mandala - July

Freedom/Structure Moon Mandala - Aug

Harvesting Equinox Mandala - Sept

Spider Moon Mandala - Oct

Gratitude Moon Mandala - Nov

Whisper Moon Mandala - Dec

Virgo Moon Knowing Your Moon.jpg


Moon Mandala videos will be available the Friday before the New Moon. This will give you time to watch and create during the dark of the moon if you'd like.

Our monthly call will be between the Thursday - Monday after the New Moon. This will be an opportunity to share your process, intentions, mandalas and questions.

Call times will rotate and everything will be recorded.


moon mandala hummingbird


I encourage you to work with materials you have and love! I use Prismacolor colored pencils, graphite pencils, oil and watercolor pastels, black pen and sometimes acrylic paint. 

You may also choose to work with collage images, so save magazine pages you love too.

xo April